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Craig Kirby is one of the nation’s premiere political operatives. With over two decades of hands on political experience, he has created successful issue advocacy and electoral strategies for candidates at all levels of government. He presently serves as Managing Director of Savannah LLC. and is the founder of the non-profit organization, Golf. My Future. My Game.




Craig Kirby has worked to advance the Democratic Party’s strategic plan and political goals in a variety of high-ranking positions. In 2011 he served as Chief Strategist for the successful Alvin Brown for Mayor Campaign in Jacksonville, Florida. Prior to Mayor Elect Brown he managed the successful re-election 2010 campaign of Congressman Steve Cohen (Tn-9) He served as Senior Advisor to Former Virginia Governor Mark Warner as well as Director of the Vice Chair’s Office at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) where he oversaw the day-to-day activities of the Party’s four national vice chairs. Prior to this position, he was a Senior Advisor to Governor Howard Dean’s successful DNC Chair race.


​In 2004, Kirby was among a select few of African-Americans to hold senior level positions on both presidential and senatorial campaigns. During the primary season, he served as Deputy Campaign Manager for the Edwards for President Campaign where he developed and implemented the campaigns political and communications strategies for all constituent groups. Afterwards, he managed the Peter Deutsch for U.S. Senate Campaign where he ran the day-to-day operations of a 25 person staff that helped Congressman Deutsch emerge as a top tier candidate in a crowded Democratic primary. As the DNC Southern Political Director in 2002, he helped the Party retain Mary Landrieu’s Senate seat in Louisiana and pick up a House seat in Georgia.

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During the Clinton Administration, he worked as a Special Assistant to the White House Chief of Staff where he directed and implemented international advance travel for President William J. Clinton and Vice President Albert Gore, Jr. on trips to Russia, Portugal, Japan, England, Egypt, Namibia Africa, Pretoria/Capetown, South Africa and South Korea. He also served as a liaison between the field and the national headquarters for the Clinton/Gore’92 and ’96 Campaign.

In addition to his work on the national level, Kirby is active in local politics and grassroots advocacy work. He has been a political advisor to former DC Mayor Anthony Williams and former DC City Council Chair Linda W. Cropp. During Mayor Williams first term he served as Deputy Director for the District of Columbia’s Emergency Management Agency. Additionally, he has worked as Communications Director for former Baltimore Mayor Kurt Schmoke and National Youth Director for (the) Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. at the National Rainbow Coalition.

Craig Kirby is a graduate of Albion College and the John F. Kennedy School of Government Leadership in the 21st Century Executive Program at Harvard University. His numerous accomplishments include: a Certificate of Achievement from the Center for Popular Economics at Amherst College, GOTV Deputy Director for Michigan, Gore/Lieberman 2000; National Committeeman, DC Young Democrats; Guest Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania; Outstanding Young Men of America; and President of the American Student Association.  In 2014, Craig founded Golf. My Future. My Game, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering greater diversity in the game and business of golf. 

Craig, the proud father of Hannah Grace, currently resides in Washington, DC. 

Craig Kirby has more than 25 years of broad experience in government management, including 15 years of senior management with a strong background in communications and marketing and extensive involvement at the local, state and federal political/campaign levels. Craig has the ability to create and maintain relationships across industry, government and corporate boundaries to facilitate client goals and outcomes.
From the board room to the campaign trail, the university lecture hall and more, Craig Kirby has taken the lead in a multitude of situations.  With a powerful background in communications and organization he is able to assess the facts and dole out comprehensive strategies for success.   His project Connected Conversations takes us inside his world and shows the importance​ of listening and finding the points that resonate. 
Is your company, organization or school at a crossroads?  Consider having Craig Kirby facilitate a Connected Conversations seminar tailored to your needs.  Contact Craig for tips on how to improve your communication skills and remain connected to your staff, students, supervisors, employees etc. 


Golf. My Future. My Game - Est. 2014


Managing Partner, Savannah LLC,

Deputy Campaign Manager
Friends of Mark Warner,

October 2007- December 2008 



​Senior Advisor
Forward Together Pac, April 2006-Janaury 2007


Director, Office of the Vice Chairs
Democratic National Committee, February 2005-April- 2006

Dean for DNC Chair

January 2005-February 2005


​Senior Advisor GOTV Base Vote

​Democratic National Committee, September 2004-November 2004

Campaign Manager,

Congressman Peter Deutsch for        U.S Senate (Florida)

March 2004-September 2004

Deputy Campaign Manager,

John Edwards for President

June 2003-March 2004

Southern Regional Political Director
Democratic National Committee, July 2002-June 2003

​​GOTV Deputy Director Gore-Lieberman 2000/ Michigan, August-November 2000



Lead Advance/ Special Assistant to White House Chief of Staff (Mack McLarty)

The White House, January 1993-January 1999


​Deputy Director

Emergency Management Agency, Washington, DC,

April 1999-February 2002


Director, Communications

Marketing and Regulatory Programs

U.S. Department of Agriculture, February 1997-November 1998


Intergovernmental Affairs,

U.S. Small Business Administration
 July-December 1993


Executive Assistant to

Deputy Director

Clinton/Gore’92 Presidential Transition Team, November 1992-January 1993


Director, Constituent Services,

Council Member Linda W. Cropp

Washington, D.C, January 1991-November 1992




Craig has managed and advised candidates and officeholders in their campaigns for political office at all levels. His broad experience includes strategic planning, grassroots mobilization, program management, logistics and political and issues campaign development and implementation. He developed a solid understanding of dynamics of urban and rural politics and public policy during work with President William Jefferson Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, Jr., Governors Mark R.Warner, Edward Rendell and Howard Dean, Congressman Steve Cohen, City Council members Linda Cropp, Jack Evans, and several Mayors including Marc Morial,  Kurt Schmoke, Anthony Williams and Alvin Brown.

Craig Kirby is committed to national leadership and involvement in the community.  He has strong community relationships and continued interaction with non-profit and community-based organizations.

Board of Governors, Grace Episcopal Day School (2013)

PTO Co-Chair, Grace Episcopal Day School (2013)

Board of Trustees, National Park Foundation (African American Experience Fund) 2011
Gerald R. Ford Institute Advisory Committee Member 2010 (Albion College)
Values First, Board Member- 2001- Present
American Heart Association, Board of Regents-1999
St. Augustine Elementary School Board Member- 1998-2002
Clinton/Gore Campaign ’96 and ‘92
Howard University, Guest Lecturer-1996
University of Pennsylvania, Guest Lecturer-1994
National Rainbow Coalition 1985-1988
Albion College, Senate Chair-1982-1984
Albion College Board of Trustees, Student Representative-1982-1984

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